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Asphalt Cleaning in Phoenix, AZ

Asphalt CleaningWe clean asphalt parking lots and streets. Our pressure washing company has been cleaning Phoenix roadways and parking areas since 1996. We use industrial, skid-mounted pressure washers and/or 500 gallon water pulls to flood and wash off dirty asphalt.

Our Asphalt Cleaning Customers

We service hotels, resorts, country clubs, schools, industrial facilities, commercial parking lots, and even small HOA community streets. Here’s a breakdown of the types of asphalt cleaning projects we have completed recently:

  • Storm Cleaning. We have cleaned off millions of square feet of asphalt parking lots. We removed dried mud and debris from flooding caused by storms, water main breaks, and other unfortunate mishaps. We can also wash away that fine layer of dust that works into asphalt surfaces during our summer dust storms (haboobs).
  • Parking Lot Maintenance. We help prepare parking lots for striping and resurfacing by removing dirt and aggregate that builds up over time.
  • Construction Cleaning. Construction can be a dirty business. We help clean up messy asphalt and concrete before your project’s grand opening.
  • Emergency Spill Cleaning. Accidents happen. We can help minimize the damage and power wash asphalt to clean off oil spills, paint spills, etc.

To hire an experienced asphalt cleaning company in the Phoenix area, contact us today or request a free estimate.

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Power Washing Paradise Valley, AZ [Featured Project]

Power washing Paradise Valley, AZ and keeping Phoenix clean, one project at a time!

Technicians used multiple pressure washers to steam-clean and powerwash around this beautiful home in Paradise Valley, Arizona. We cleaned off dirt from recent dust storms, bird droppings, and other stains & grime.

At this particular project, we power washed multiple surfaces including the exterior of the main house, the pool house, and the detached garage. All flatwork surfaces were cleaned with steam and hot water up to 300°F at 3,500 psi. Areas cleaned include the driveway, all walkways, a large back patio, and the pool area.

For more information about our mobile cleaning services, please call 602-373-1515. We offer free power washing estimates!