Efflorescence Removal

Efflorescence Removal in Phoenix, AZEfflorescence removal can be a difficult task. Unlike oil stains or paint spills, efflorescence comes from within concrete, pavers, stucco, and other masonry products.

Our process for cleaning efflorescence typically includes treating surfaces with a chemical efflorescence remover and then power washing the affected areas with heat and high-pressure to wash everything away. Unfortunately, there can be no guarantees that the efflorescence will not return in the following days, weeks, or months. Because it is a natural occurrence in some masonry products, multiple cleaning treatments may be necessary until the efflorescence-causing elements are completely flushed out.

Efflorescence on a Block WallWhat is Efflorescence?

Efflorescence occurs naturally in nature and in construction materials such as concrete, bricks, pavers, and block walls. At the most basic level, efflorescence is caused by mineral-rich water moving through materials and then evaporating from the surface, leaving behind a white, chalky substance consisting of mostly salts and other elements.

Why Do I have Efflorescence?

Cleaning Efflorescence in Phoenix, AZEfflorescence occurs in areas with high moisture content in the soil near masonry products. In the Phoenix area this means we see it mainly in pavers and retention walls, especially after heavy rains, flooding, or frequent irrigation. Water carries salts and elements from the soil or the masonry itself to the surface where it quickly evaporates in our warm, dry air.  The result is white deposits of different kinds of salts on the surface.

How Can I Prevent Efflorescence?

Preventing efflorescence is generally a matter of controlling and limiting the exposure to moisture.  New masonry products may just require a little time and patience as the efflorescence works itself out naturally, and it can be cleaned it as needed. For efflorescence problems with older concrete or stucco materials, identify and repair any new leaks in nearby plumbing or irrigation systems. Sealing pavers, brick and concrete surfaces may also help.

How Much Does it Cost to Clean Efflorescence?

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