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Paver Driveway Cleaning Phoenix AZDriveway Cleaning Phoenix AZ

Looking for driveway cleaning services in Phoenix, Arizona?  Our power washing company has cleaned over 5,000 driveways since 2006!  Call today for a free estimate!

We Clean Driveways of All Shapes & Sizes

Driveway Cleaning Phoenix AZOur industrial, hot water pressure washers spray out steam and hot water up to 300°F at 3,500 psi.  In addition to standard power washing wands, we can also use rotating surface cleaners if needed – multiple nozzles rotate at 2,500 rpm inches above the driveway surface.  When put in the hands of an experienced powerwash technician, they are capable of cleaning a variety of tough stains and debris including:

  • dust, dirt, grime and debris
  • oil spills and stains
  • paint spills and overspray
  • tire marks
  • food and grease spills or stains
  • caulk, chalk lines, drywall, or other construction stains
  • bird droppings
  • efflorescence
  • and much more!

Concrete Driveway Cleaning Phoenix AZNo driveway is too big or too small! Our driveway cleaning company offers residential power washing and commercial power washing services for properties of all sizes.  In addition to cleaning concrete driveways, we also clean paver driveways, exposed aggregate, stamped concrete, bricks, etc.

How to Clean Oil Stains on a Driveway

Commercial Driveway Cleaning Phoenix AZConcrete and pavers are like a sponge.  Unsealed concrete and pavers soak up oil through tiny pores in the surface. This makes it especially difficult to clean oil from driveways because it is in and under the concrete surface, not just on top.  Some concrete is more “absorbent” than others and no two driveways are the same.  When power washing oil stains from driveways we use 3 main methods:


Chemically treating the oil stains first with a commercial-grade degreaser helps by breaking up the oil’s molecular structure.  This helps to separate the oil and loosen its grip on the driveway surface.


Steam-cleaning and washing with HOT water is what gives professional driveway cleaning companies their greatest advantage.  Heat allows the molecular bonds to expand and eventually helps to pull the oil out of the concrete pores.

Driveway Cleaning PhoenixPressure

High-pressure cleaning forces the chemicals and heat further into the concrete pores so they can do their work.  Cold water machines have to use a higher pressure which may lead to damaging the concrete surface.  Too much pressure used improperly can etch the concrete surface permanently.  Properly trained technicians use special tips to spread out the pressure evenly and know how much pressure they can use without damaging the surface.

Learn more about this “trifecta” for stripping paint off of concrete surfaces – driveways included!