Construction Power Washing

Have your construction cleaning services performed by a power washing company with over 15 years experience serving the builders and general contractors of Arizona. Our equipment is fully mobile and capable of traveling statewide.

Construction Power Washing Phoenix AZOur technicians are experts at cleaning construction sites. We use industrial hot-water pressure washers (up to 300°F @ 3,500 PSI) to remove paint spills and over-spray, caulk, framers chalk, oil, grease, tire marks, and much more.

Our construction customers include some of the largest residential home builders in the Phoenix area and also commercial contractors, design/build firms, etc.

Some of the most typical construction power washing services we perform at job sites include:

  • Final clean of all concrete, paver, and stone surfaces to remove any accumulated dirt, debris, tire marks, paint, caulk, etc. This includes sidewalks, driveways, entries, patios, and garages.
  • Emergency power washing of paint spills, oil spills, dust control, track out, SWPPP compliance, etc.
  • Preparation for painting or epoxy coatings including washing off building exteriors, perimeter walls, gates, and garage floors.
  • Efflorescence treatment on paver surfaces, retaining walls, etc. which includes using steam and specially formulated efflorescence removers.
  • Blue Stake paint removal from sidewalks and graffiti removal from signs and block walls.
  • Stripping off old paint and sealers from concrete and pavers. See our Phoenix Paver Sealing website for more information on cleaning and sealing areas at your construction project.

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*References, Certificates of Insurance, and W-9’s are available on request.

Construction Power Washing Phoenix Arizona