Building Washing Phoenix

Building Washing Phoenix, AZ

Building Washing Phoenix AZWe offer building washing services in Phoenix, AZ. Our technicians use industrial, mobile pressure washers to clean the exteriors of buildings all across the Phoenix Metropolitan area. Contact us for a free estimate!

Building Cleaning

Building Washing PhoenixSilica Dust Vacuum System, but it’s also important to maintain buildings with regular cleaning.
href=”” target=”_blank”>Power washing easily removes dust, dirt and debris from dirty buildings. We also clean off bird droppings, cobwebs, and can even strip off old paint. We have over 15 years experience cleaning stucco, brick, and concrete buildings. Some of the types of buildings we clean include:

  • commercial office buildings
  • hotels
  • warehouses
  • churches
  • schools
  • residential homes
  • and much more!

Reasons for Cleaning the Exterior of Your Building

House Washing in Phoenix, AZThere are many reasons to pressure wash the exterior of your building. A few of the most frequently requested projects we work on include:

  • Paint Prep – Pressure washing the exterior of a building to clean off dirt and debris in preparation for painting.
  • Storm Clean-up – Power washing buildings after summer dust storms to clean off excessive dust/mud. Haboob dust may be hazardous to your health.
  • Bird Droppings – Cleaning off unsightly bird droppings which are unappealing to customers (and potentially hazardous).
  • Paint Removal – We strip paint off of all concrete surfaces, building exteriors are no exception!

Hotel Building Washing in Phoenix, AZMobile Building Washing

Our powerwash trucks typically have two industrial pressure washers mounted on a cab-over truck, taking up minimal room on your project. Multiple crews may be available depending on the size of your building. All of our machines are capable of spraying out hot water and steam up to 300°F and 3,500 psi to help remove tough grime and bird droppings. We use extension wands to help reach high walls and ceilings, or we can arrange for a lift to be used for taller buildings. Technicians will spray off all exterior walls, spending extra attention on any problem areas.

Free Estimates

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