Construction Cleaning Phoenix AZ

Construction Cleaning Phoenix AZ

Construction Cleaning Phoenix AZOnce you’ve advertised your construction company with construction signs, found your first clients and completed your first project, it’s time to hire a power washer to do the finishing touches. We have over 17 years of experience cleaning construction projects in Phoenix, Arizona. In fact, our construction cleaning company has cleaned over 5,500 new homes since 2006! Construction cleaning Phoenix AZ is our specialty!

We clean newly built homes for some of the largest homebuilders in the Phoenix area. If you’re a little further afield in North Carolina for example, make sure you get your charlotte homes cleaned as well as we do here in Phoenix! In addition to new home construction, we also work closely with general contractors, design-build firms, and even large commercial builders. Construction Cleaning Phoenix ArizonaOur pressure washing machines can clean a wide range of construction materials. This includes flatwork and structures built from concrete, pavers, stone, exposed aggregate, flagstone, travertine, tile, asphalt, buildings, and block walls.

Our construction cleaning technicians have become experts at removing tough stains and spills. Using hot water pressure washers (temps reach up to 300°F at 3,500 psi) enables us to be able to clean up paint spills and oil stains. Hot water pressure washing also helps clean up drywall mud & dust, caulk, tire marks, grease, and many other stubborn substances.

Popular Construction Cleaning Services

Paint Spill Cleaning Phoenix AZOur role in the construction process is to provide pressure washing and cleaning services during the final stages of both remodels and new construction projects. Here are some of our most requested services:

Final clean of all exterior flatwork. Technicians remove any dirt, debris, tire marks, paint, caulk, that may have accumulated during the construction process.

Emergency pressure washing services for paint spills, oil spills, dust control, track out, or SWPPP compliance.

Preparation for painting and epoxy coatings. This can include building washing, cleaning off block walls, gates, garage floor concrete cleaning, and other critical areas around the construction project.

Blue Stake or graffiti removal. We clean paint from signs, walkways, and community walls using a chemical stripping agent and high-pressure steam.

Stripping off paint and sealer from concrete and pavers. Construction Concrete Cleaning Phoenix AZVisit our paver cleaning and sealing website for more information on cleaning and sealing areas around your construction project.

Efflorescence treatment on pavers and retaining walls. This includes using steam and specially formulated chemical efflorescence removers.

Parking lot and street sweeping services. We can customize a service to offer both sweeping and power washing for all of your parking lot cleaning needs.

Free Estimates for Construction Cleaning Phoenix, AZ

When you hire our construction cleaning company to pressure wash your project you will be teaming up with a professional organization that has cleaned houses for some of the largest home builders in the Southwest. Call us at 602-373-1515 to speak with a project manager about construction cleaning services at your project.

*References, Insurance Certificates, and W-9’s are always available on request.

Construction Cleaing Phoenix AZ

ACME Powerwash is a Phoenix, Arizona based exterior maintenance company specializing in hot water pressure washing for construction cleaning, residential power washing, commercial property maintenance, and parking lot sweeping.

Power Washing Pool Deck Areas

Power washing pool deck areasLooking for a power washing company that can clean up around your pool or back patio? Power washing pool decks and surrounding areas is one of our most requested services during Phoenix’s hot summer months. We clean many types of pool deck surfaces including concrete, pavers, and stone. We use industrial hot-water pressure washers to steam-clean and powerwash away months or years worth of stains, dirt, and grime.

Each of our machines sprays out hot water and steam up to 300°F at 3,500 psi. In addition to residential homes, we also clean up around pools at apartment complexes and some of Phoenix, Arizona’s top hotels and resorts.

Call 602-373-1515 today to speak to an estimator about cleaning up your summer oasis!


Concrete Cleaning Phoenix [Featured Project]

Concrete Cleaning in Phoenix, AZWe clean more concrete than any other surface.  Our crews are experts at power washing a variety of substances from concrete driveways, garages, patios, and sidewalks. This featured project is one of 15 new construction homes we power washed flatwork at this week.  While we did clean some dirty pavers, most surfaces were newer concrete with construction-related stains and debris including paint, caulk, stucco splatters, tire marks, scuff marks, and a whole lot of dust and dirt!

Powerwash crews use rotating surface cleaners with multiple spinning jets spraying out hot water and steam to ensure the most uniformly clean surface. When connected to our pressure washers, these cleaners help avoid “zebra striping”. Each truck also carries a variety of biodegradable chemicals to help remove tougher stains and debris like paint, oil, and framer’s chalk. Finally, they rinse down everything with high-pressure wands and hot water up to 300°F at 3,500 psi!

Concrete Cleaning in Phoenix, AZOur power washing company has over 16 years of experience cleaning concrete in Phoenix, AZ.  For more information about our power washing services please visit any of these pages:

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Have a concrete cleaning project of your own and want a free estimate? Call 602-373-1515 today!